ASAN Pharm


Asan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. develops and supplies diagnostic products for clinical system applications in Korea. It offers diagnostic reagents and lab instruments for microbiology, immunology and serology, and clinical chemistry applications. Asan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 and is based in Seoul, South Korea. The company has additional offices in Kangnam, Kangbuk, Kangseo, Incheon, Suwoon, Donghae, Taejeon, Cheongju, Junjoo, Kwangjoo, Pusan, Taegu, Ulsan, Masan, Pohang, and Jeju.

Asan Pharm was established to safely supply and develop diagnostic products required in Korean clinical system Under the slogan, “For pursuing human health and happiness. The company devoted themselves to researching and developing higher quality of medical products, resulting to produce about 400 kinds of the products. They focused their efforts into technical development. Asan Pharm was founded to be one of worldwide leaders in R&D of biotechnology based on rational management and stable financial system.


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