Global Medics

Founded in 2006, Global Medics bvba, a Belgian company led by Mr. Jo Gijbels, started in animal health supplements to help ease joint ailments in competition horses. Like many athletes and professional sportspeople, competition horses are put through great physical stress when they train and perform in their respective equestrienne sport, like showjumping, racing or dressage.

An intensive collaboration between scientists from Global Medics’ research department and independent equine medical experts – including world-renowned equine surgeon Dr. Tom Mariën – resulted in the development of Arti-Sport for horses with arthritis, the first in the line of high quality food supplements for horses. Furthermore, the supplements were successfully tested on thousands of horses which are not susceptible to the placebo effect. Horse owners quickly began to notice the positive effects these food supplements had on their competition horses. Horses that took Global Medics’ supplements on a regular basis suffered less from joint pain and were performing much better than before they went on the supplements.


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